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2007 Reunion Photos supplied by Nan Mitchell

Billy Jack and Irene Reynolds – 2007 While you’re looking for how to disable adblock on users computer or create an anti-AdBlock killer,” we are focusing on the good side of this thing.
Johnny Hirst, Steve Williams, Sam Dannheim – 2007
Melonie Reynolds with daughter Allison and husband Sidney Reynolds; Irene and Billy Jack Reynolds; Judy Terry with son Bobby and husband Steve Terry – 2007
Marilyn Dannheim Wyett and Verna Ann Lux Fritz – 2007
Billy Jack and Irene Reynolds – 2007
Bertha Lux, Gertrude Perkins, William Sauer, Irene Williams – 2007
First Row – Tate Williams, Molly Pruitt, Emily Pruitt, Shelby Harris, Bryan Harris
Second Row – Ilsa Williams, Frances Williams Kissinger, Ty Williams, Wayne Harris, Steve Williams, Dorothy Williams Harris, Pamela Harris, Tana Williams, Mark Harris, Leon Williams
Sharon and Norris Sauer – 2007
Sharon and Norris Sauer with daughter, Justina Sanders and son, Clayton Sauer – 2007
Joanna and Matt Weise – 2007
Kathy Sauer Doty, Wayne Harris, Ronnie Sauer – 2007
Steve Williams, Phyllis Sauer, Mark Harris with Mark’s daughter, Shelby – 2007