Bertha Lux

95th Birthday

Bertha Lux with Becky Lux – 2017
Bertha Lux, Gertrude Perkins, William Sauer, Irene Reynolds – 2007

There was a one-room schoolhouse called Reynolds Rural School where I first attended.

My father later purchased a house in Eldorado.

I attended school there and later went to business school in Austin.

I met my future husband (Werner Lux) at a barbecue in Eldorado in 1940.

Lux was born and reared near Schulenburg, the grandson of German immigrants, who had arrived in the United States by ship in 1875 at Inidanola near Galveston.

During Lux’s military service in World War II, I was employed with a San Antonio Air Base, and later Kansas Air Force Base, where my husband was stationed.

After the war, we returned to Eldorado and started farming and ranching. It was hard to find a job. We bought land in the Alexander community in 1947 and built our first house. We purchased land from my father and paid him what he had paid for the land. We leased 2,240 acres of the Case land nearby, where we raised sheep and registered Polled Hereford cattle.

From: Standard -Times (11/07/2009)