Otto and Louise Sauer Family

Otto & Louis Sauer house at Doss
Otto Sauer Family 1957?
Back row left to right: Rosa, William, Bertha, Regina, Leola, Edgar, Emma, Cora, Clemens and Victor
Front row left to right: Irene, parents Louise and Otto and Gertrude
Sauer children
Otto and Louise Sauer and ten of their twleve children.Missing: Cora and Leola.
Otto and Louise Sauer 1950

Johann Friedrich Sauer was born in 1838 to Wilhelm and Ann Gabriel Sauer of Dillkreis, Nassau, Germany.

Johann came to Texas in 1847.

In 1865, Johann Sauer married Christine Strackbein, also born in Germany, who came to Texas with her parents in 1851. They had 10 children.

One son, Otto Sauer, married Louise Baethge in 1907. They had 12 children: Victor, Regina, Emma, Cora, Clemens, Rosa, Leola, Edgar, William, Bertha, Irene and Gertrude.

Otto inherited 160 acres of land near Doss.

After they married, Otto and Louise built a frame house on Threadgill Creek near the Doss-Harper road.

Otto wanted more land. He sold the Doss place and bought a 2,560 acre ranch in Blanco County in 1920.

He came to visit Eldorado in the summer of 1928 and bought 640 acres from R.A. Evans.

It was unimproved, and he had to clear the land, build fences and a house.

There was a one-room schoolhouse called Reynolds Rural School where the children first attended.

Otto and Louise later purchased a house in Eldorado.

Some of the children attended school there.